Category: Events of 2017

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‘Unforgivables’. One hundred portraits of inconvenient Masters. This is the title of the last book written by Marcello Veneziani, presented on Novembe [...]
The debate held in Teramo dealt with a delicate and controversial topic, concerning the medical-scientific field and in presence of numerous experts w [...]
Are we really sure that globalization brought profit to the detriment of equity and social cohesion? With this question, Davide Giacalone, columnist, [...]
Totalitarianism as a latent threat, as a constantly lifeblood-seeking vampire, as a virus capable to reappear in different forms, that in order to nou [...]
Disinformacy: communication at the times of social media by Francesco Nicodemo book presentation When: Thursday, October12th, 2017, 6 p.m. Where [...]
During the presentation of the book “For truth’s sake. A political and civil autobiography” by Francesco Forte, participants discussed about Italian p [...]
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