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No one can say whether implementing restrictive measures at the beginning of the pandemic was the right choice as the counterevidence cannot be provid [...]
Dear Honourable Deborah Bergamini, co-director of this journal, I want to deliver you some news. No one is laughing behind our back anymore. So many i [...]
Just few hours after the beginning of the electoral count, “NO”s are assessed slightly over 30%, while “YES”s are slightly below the 70% threshold. A [...]
The picture of Italy coming out from the results of the referendum is the one of a country where the citizens and their hypothetical parliamentarian r [...]
The Luigi Einaudi Foundation supports and fosters the legal action undertaken by the lawyers Rocco Mauro Todero, Andrea Pruiti Ciarello (member of the [...]
1 2 3 20 10 / 199 POSTS