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Separated careers’ for judges and State attorneys: 50 thousand people supporting the petition so far. “What I would like to say to the National Ass [...]
Presentation of the book The Roman Bank case: mysterious acquittals, written by Francesco Savasta. The Roman Bank case was the first relevant scand [...]
Strengthening convictions or mixing up ideas on free-trade ideology, protectionism, immigration, euro and Brexit. These were the two main goals of the [...]
The conference “The role of Italy in Cybersecurity after the G7” was organized by LEF and AISES in order to discuss on one of the hottest current topi [...]
Pain, death, conflict, supremacy, security, freedom, but also sex, gambling, bars, football, pizza, idiots, voidness. In other words, reflections on l [...]
The Luigi Einaudi Foundation will join the congress that will be held n Andorra, May 18th – 21st, in occasion of the Liberal International 70th annive [...]
“Liberaitalia, Europe, Taxation and Justice. Ideas to free Italy from populism, statism, vigilantism.” This is the name of event held in Milan on Satu [...]
Maintaining UEU-Turkey negotiations open, and the fundamental role of a universal recognition of human rights and of the rule of law. These were tw [...]
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