Totalitarianism as a threat of our days

Totalitarianism as a latent threat, as a constantly lifeblood-seeking vampire, as a virus capable to reappear in different forms, that in order to nourish himself he is capable to use any sort of fuel, as technology, science, ecology, national sentiment, books as Marx’s Capital, the Qur’an or the Bible and, paradoxically, even as western democracy itself.

This is the idea of Dario Fertilio, Italian journalist and writer with Dalmatian origin, summing up the speech he delivered during the presentation of his book “The totalitarian virus” (Rubbettino) held on October 19th at the new Einaudi Foundation headquarters.

Flavio Felice and Dino Cofrancesco joined as speakers, responsively nourishing the debate.

Flavio Felice 


Dino Cofrancesco


Dario Fertilio


Enzo Palumbo


Flavio Felice e Dino Cofrancesco