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Happy New Year from the Luigi Einaudi Foundation. The Home of Liberals We say goodbye to 2016 with a 3-minutes video of our 2016 activities [...]
Eurasia and jihadism, hybrid wars on the new Silk Road (Carocci editor), edited by Matteo Bressan, Stefano Felician Beccari, Alessandro Politi and Dom [...]
Luigi Einaudi Foundation invites him in Rome: “We want to support his business acumen” A scholarship for Antonio, student of the Pininfarina di Mon [...]
[:it]La presentazione del libro di Nicola Porro è stata l'occasione per parlare del pensiero liberale, ma anche delle nuove sfide del mondo globale[:] [...]
[:it]Il Presidente FLE Giuseppe Benedetto su giustizia e altri grandi temi in occasione della presentazione del libro di Enrico Rossi, Governatore Tos [...]
European calls for proposals, markets and “good practices”: here are some of the solutions raised to transform Atac and Ama in competitive companies d [...]
On November 18th, at midnight – 15 days before voting day – the LEF on the constitutional referendum finally ended. Here are the final results: YES [...]
Industrial policy? The State replacing free market policies in choosing public bidding’s winners, further saving those losing biddings from bankruptcy [...]
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