Constitutional referendum survey: more than 19.000 voters

Constitutional referendum survey: more than 19.000 voters

On November 18th, at midnight – 15 days before voting day – the LEF on the constitutional referendum finally ended. Here are the final results:

YES: 47.4% (9.026 Votes);

NO: 49% (9.339 Votes);

NOT SURE: 3.6% (78 Votes).

More than 19.000 voters.

NO wins, but with a negligible gap (313 votes).

It is likely, as highlighted by several analysts recently, that the outcome of the referendum will be decided by those being yet unsure. O maybe not. Maybe all is written, already. We will know it in few days.

The Foundation decided not to take a side, also as a sign of respect towards its affiliates currently militating for other parties, but LEF still actively participated to the debate, somehow even sponsoring it.

We are persuaded that December 4th – the voting day – will not be the end of the world.

In the meanwhile, as anticipated, the survey’s analytic data will be disclosed and commented by the LEF executives.