Porro: “Le nuove sfide per i liberali? Le libertà messe a rischio dalla rivoluzione digitale”

Porro: “Le nuove sfide per i liberali? Le libertà messe a rischio dalla rivoluzione digitale”

“I generally do not like acknowledgments, as I think they represent just a ritual in book presentations. But this time, I must make an exception. The Einaudi Foundation, to me, simply means a lot. I became a young liberal thanks to the School of Liberalism organized by LEF. I met Hayek, Von Mises, and I won a 500.000 lire scholarship. I have been able to write an important excerpt of my book thanks to the School of Liberalism. For this reason, it is an honour for me to be here today”. This is how Nicola Porro delivered his opening speech on the occasion of the presentation of his book “Unevenness is positive. A survival guide for liberals” (La Nave di Teseo), held on Monday 28th, at the LEF headquarters.

Despite recently recovered from a cold, the journalist and anchor-man did not disappoint an enthusiastic audience. With his usual clarity and energy characterizing him on TV and in his books, Porro explained how important a liberal culture is in a Country and in a continent where socialism, bureaucracy and dirigisme gained the upper hand, becoming a dominant thinking.

Non only past and present, Porro spoke about the future as well. After economic and civil revolutions, it will be paramount to deal as well with the new digital revolution, that may potentially strongly compress and compromise liberties.

Earlier, Giuseppe Benedetto highlighted the merits of the book, to the point of proposing it as the introductive text for the School of Liberalism. Sole disappointment, the absence of an historical figure such as Giovanni Malagodi, as Porro itself said.

Also, a vibrant debate followed. Davide Giacalone explained his idea about the issue of the new digital and global challenges with a brilliant speech, while the audience asked the journalist his opinion about different topics such as the environment, Pope Francis and Fidel Castro.

At the end of the presentation, Porro signed dedication copies and stayed in for photo-shootings. A special evening the audience will not easily forget.

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