A scholarship for the student who sold snacks at school

A scholarship for the student who sold snacks at school

Luigi Einaudi Foundation invites him in Rome: “We want to support his business acumen”

A scholarship for Antonio, student of the Pininfarina di Moncalieri institute who, after creating an alternative and abusive low-cost market selling snacks to his friends, ended up blamed by no matter who.

The day the School will deliberate on his suspension, the Luigi Einaudi Foundation offered him a scholarship supporting his entrepreneurial spirit. «His behaviour is to be followed, not blamed», President Giuseppe Benedetto explains as to stressing how the student’s initiative is actually in line with the liberal ideas embodied in the Foundation.

The young man has been invited yesterday and, together with his father, has cheerfully welcomed the scholarship: «His initiative struck us, in my opinion his action looks like a real business plan – said the President – Maybe he still did not read Luigi Einaudi o Friedrich von Hayek, but I’m persuaded that his initiative is not to be punished». In the past few weeks, a lot of initiatives supporting Antonio came up (Antonio is a fictional name, considering the young man is a minor), as he received job offers as well.

Others criticized his actions, inviting him to respect the law: «I don’t really think his activity is illicit, I heard people talk about black market too, but to me this is not the point, in this affair – continues Benedetto – Let’s hope he will be given the chance to realize his dreams and that he will be able to enhance his natural inclinations. I think his is a true entrepreneurial talent».

The President: “His behaviour is to be followed, not blamed”

The institute’s Principal, Stefano Fava, will participate today to a meeting where the class council will deliberate if suspending the young man, or less. In the past weeks he proposed an alternative solution: including him in an entrepreneurial project: «Teachers have full autonomy, and they will deliberate according to what it the best solution for his future, and for education’s sake». Concerning the scholarship, the Principal remains neutral: «We are waiting as to evaluate the details of this idea – he says – to us, the most important goal to pursue is the boy’s well-being».

The snack’s seller should arrive in Rome, with his father, in a couple weeks. The details of the scholarship have not been defined yet: «Ours is a symbolic action to support his entrepreneurial attitude, and as to help the boy also on a job-seeking perspective. It could represent a little economic support for his studies, or also to start his own activity. If later on he will need to learn how to start companies, we have few courses here in Rome, and he will be welcome».