Upside-down, by Davide Faraone

Upside-down, by Davide Faraone

Upside-down. How to put Sicily back on its two legs, by Davide Faraone.

Where: Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Roma

When: September 14th, 2016

Speakers: discussing with the author: Davide Giacalone (VP of the LEF) and Mario Lupo (Honorary Chair LEF).

Moderator: Saro Freni

The comment:

A liberal revolution in Sicily? Why not. That is how we can sum up the debate. This event has been an occasion to think about the island’s main problems. The Undersecretary of Education explained that it is necessary to “make Sicily more beautiful”. In order to do it, it is paramount to abandon victimhood and the old ideological prejudices. As the last bastion of real socialism, Sicily should become a political laboratory.