“Let us liberalize commerce”: new challenges for the liberals

“Let us liberalize commerce”: new challenges for the liberals

Enhancing the debate on the TTIP and, more generally, on global free-trade and investments. This was one of the topics covered during the press conference “Let us liberalize commerce”, held on October 25th at the LEF headquarters.

Not a foregone conclusion, as stressed by the Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda during his speech: «It is not easy to talk about free trade nowadays, as in the Western world there is a sort of sensation according to which globalization has substantially represented a negative phenomenon, causing progressively more and more inequalities».

The reason? The way the issue is addressed. «We should not deal with this issue in an ideological way. Free trade showed pros and cons: on one hand, a lot of people throughout the world escaped from poverty; on the other hand, free trade polarized losers and winners our societies, wiping out many Italian companies».

The event, synergically organized by the LEF and The Adam Smith Society, saw the participation of many speakers, who all subscribed the Free Trade Manifesto: the above-cited Carlo Calenda, Benedetto Della Vedova, Giuseppe Benedetto, Riccardo Gallo, Marco Marazzi, Salvatore Rebecchini and Alessandro De Nicola, the latter as moderator, promotor and speaker.

Among all the relevant speeches, President Benedetto said: «I hope that in the future, liberals may have a more and more crucial role in our Country», said the Sicilian lawyer in his opening speech. «In the future, our ideas will have to be connected, in order to enhance and realize liberal reforms”. Words that we sincerely hope will soon be endorsed.