In 2080 the Italian population will count only 39 million citizens

“According to a projection made by Eurostat and excluding migratory fluxes, in 2080 our country will count 39 million citizens. With this inglorious survey, the Minister of the Regional Affairs and Autonomies and Minister of the Familyhood Enrico Costa spoke about the low birth rate issue in Italy. The speech was delivered during the presentation of the book “Conjugal love and family in modern times” written by S.E. Mons. Lorenzo Luzzi (auxiliary bishop of Rome), held on Tuesday, January 31st at the Luigi Einaudi Foundation headquarters.

Family and conjugal fidelity were the main topics covered in this vibrant and proactive debate, that fascinated the audience attending the meeting.


Intervento Enrico Costa

Intervento Maria Pia Garavaglia

Intervento Monica Marangoni

Intervento S.E. Mons. Lorenzo Leuzzi

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