Giacalone v. Rossi de Vermandois, the importance of debating and deepening

Strengthening convictions or mixing up ideas on free-trade ideology, protectionism, immigration, euro and Brexit. These were the two main goals of the debate “Free trade or protectionism? CETA, TTIP and more”, held at the LEF on June 14th, 2017.

Considering the enthusiasm of the participants, it looks like the set objective have been quite achieved. This, thanks to the “contenders” Davide Giacalone and Guido Rossi de Vermandois, and to the moderator Luca Bellardini who conducted the debate with pace and awareness.

Thanks also to the dynamic format of the debate (2 apparently different visions, 10 questions, 3 minutes for each answer), and most of all thanks to a numerous and active audience.

Who won, who lost? To us, both of them argued their thesis clearly, synthetically and in detail.