Category: Events of 2019

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Maurizio Ballistreri, a labor lawyer at the University of Messina and a former member of the Sicilian Parliament, recalled the figure of Carlo Rossell [...]
Video recording of the debate entitled "School of Liberalism 2019 - Lecture by Lorenzo Infantino entitled:" Hayek and the problem of individualism ", [...]
In this intervention it was intended to show how the relationship between Liberalism and Science, which for a long time was characterized by absolute, [...]
Karl Raymund Popper comes to liberalism in a mature phase of his philosophical training. Presented as an epistemologist and philosopher of science, th [...]
The lesson of prof. Giuseppe Giordano dealt with Benedetto Croce's liberalism as a "metapolitical" vision. It has been pointed out that Croce's libera [...]
Within the School of Liberalism 2019, scheduled from February 28th to May 16th. Video recording of "School of Liberalism 2019 - Guarantee - Lesson of [...]
Pippo Rao, during his speech, highlighted the reasons why liberals have always given a fundamental importance to the School. Crossing the themes of th [...]
Video recording of the debate entitled "2019 Liberalism School - Lecture by Carlo Stagnaro on:" Protectionism ", recorded in Rome on Thursday 11 April [...]
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