Giuseppe Benedetto

He is the President of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation.

Giuseppe Benedetto was born in Capo d’Orlando (Sicily) on October 21st, 1954. He pursued a Masters’ Degree in Law at the University of Messina, specializing in criminal law.

He is a publicist journalist, member of the National Council Order of Journalists since 1997.

He is the Honorary President of “Famiglia Piccolo di Calanovella” Foundation.

He was Professor of Constitutional Law at the LUM University.

He also held important roles as a public Administrator: member of the Regional Council and Cultural Minister in Abruzzo for the Liberal Party; Deputy leader of the Liberal Party for the city of Pescara; national vice-secretary of the Italian Liberal Youth; member of the National Direction and National executive, where he was National Responsible for Local Organisms.

He does not hold any elective political role since 1995.

Passionate about social problematics, his scientific and political activism has always reflected his beliefs in the safeguard of civil rights, in the development of a substantially secular culture – but without being “ideologically” secular; and in the fundamental rights of every citizen against oppression, even when perpetrated by the governments themselves.

Among his Mentors – with whom he tied intense and friendly relationships – important politicians such as Giovanni Malagodi and the expert in constitutional law Aldo Bozzi.

He is the author of the book “The euthanasia of democracy. The Clean Hands coup “, with a preface by Prof. Sabino Cassese (Rubbettino editore, October 2021) and “Let’s not talk to you”, with a preface by the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio (Rubbettino editore, October 2022).