5G: Luigi Einaudi Foundation as a search engine

5G: Luigi Einaudi Foundation as a search engine

The round table “5G – The Future is now” took place on Thursday, September 22nd at the Consap lecture hall, promoted by Luigi Einaudi Foundation. During the debate, moderated by Mauro Masi, participated as speakers the undersecretary of Infrastructures and Transportation Simona Vicari, Luis Orellana, Cinzia Bonfrisco, Claudio Leporelli and LEF Director-General Pietro Paganini.

The “Luigi Einaudi Foundation has been an authentic ‘search engine’”, said the President Giuseppe Benedetto. “The Foundation linked the Government, the Parliament, companies and distinguished scientists to discuss and debate about the topic of innovation linked to 5G. Mauro Masi, Claudio Leporelli and Maria Chiara Carrozza represent LEF Scientific Committee’s working group, and they started to deepen researches on this topic, which is fundamental for the Italian development. Our idea is to discuss with Minister Calenda and the Government on themes as the internet broadband and its impact on the country, as to pursue actions we started today”.

“Thanks to the Einaudi Foundation, today companies and institutions find themselves face-to-face for a fundamental debate. 5G plays a paramount role in our Country’s modernization.” Mauro Masi said.

“Thanks to stakeholders as the Einaudi Foundation – Vicari said – the Government and the Parliament can rely on think tanks and highly valuable experts to boost the political debate. The impact of such proposals on the industrial and productive system is extremely important, both on vertical sectors – automotive, transports, healthcare, energy, media, entertainment – and for SMEs with a lower-scale productivity. Italy, within the European framework, can play an important role in the future 5G scenario. We are at a good point; I know that the Ministry of Economy and Economic Development and the whole Government are working to pursue this goal” Vicari said. “Connectivity is a challenge the Ministry of Transportation is facing. Paying attention to black boxes, connectivity and infrastructure but mostly to the focus on Smart Cities fostered by Minister Delrio, shows how the Renzi administration is engaging in this area”, concluded Vicari.