Memory and Future”. LEF and the Remembrance Day for the victims of the Holocaust

“We often talk about brutal and inhuman ferocity, but is not true since, unfortunately, ferocity is part of humanity. And if we do not want to be dragged in this dark side of our humanity, we have one only solution: resist to it, always and whatever is costs. That cost (mostly political) Einaudi paid voting against the Fascist racial laws, and that other paid even more tragically. None of these prices will ever be too high, comparing to its extraordinarily positive outcomes.”

With this message, Davide Giacalone, LEF vice-president, opened “Memory and Future”, in occasion of the Remembrance Day for the victims of the Holocaust, in a meeting held on January 26th at the Foundation’s headquarters. Before Giacalone, President Giuseppe Benedetto on behalf of the Foundation saluted the audience, stressing how it is fundamental not to let down the guard: the Holocaust, the Rwanda example shows as highlighted in Niccolò Rinaldi’s book, has happened and may happen again, even if with different characteristics.

Very emotional and stimulating speeches were delivered by Benedetto Della Vedova, Alessio Falconio and Riccardo Pacifici, in front of a responsive audience.

Just like the speech delivered by Ofer Sachs, Ambassador of Israel in Italy, esteemed guest of the day.