The Luigi Einaudi Foundation Library represents, since the origins of the Foundation, a building block of its heritage. It progressively build up, book after book, starting from the very first book collection donated on account of the last wills of Alberto Giovannini, Secretary of the Italian Liberal Party in 1923.

The Collection focuses on political sciences, modern and contemporary history and political economics, with a particular reference to the history of the Italian Liberal Party and its political, economical and social thought. Through its typological and specialized articulation, the Library highlights not only on the need of mediation links between past and future, memory and innovation, but mostly on the entire process of study, education and research finalized to scientific production.

The Library is update with the most recent Italian and foreign literature, particularly with English-written publications.

From 2004, the library is part of the National Librarian System, Polo Capitolino (RMR), and its stock is available at the address SBN selecting “Fondazione Einaudi” in the list.

Today, our Library owns more than 7.000 Italian and foreign volumes (mostly in English), as well as 17 journals and 4.147 volumes directly accessible on the online SBN catalogue.

The Library is open to the public, every day from Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. The volumes are available for consultation prior exhibition of an identity document.

All the cultural initiatives promoted by the Luigi Einaudi Foundation concerning its literary heritage, may be checked on the LEF website. Starting from 2020, we join the initiative promoted by MIBACT in cooperation with the Centre for the Book and Reading “May for Books”.