Mario Lupo

Graduated in Law at the University of Rome, final score 110/110 cum laude, where he later was Assistant-Professor of Civil Law. He starts his working experience in 1960 at the ANCE – National Association of Construction Manufacturers – where he was appointed Director General in 1972. He left this capacity to join Montedison where, after holding the position of Head of Human Resources and of the Organization, he becomes CEO. For this Group, in those delicate and difficult years he manages complex intervention of corporate restructuring. He leaves his charge of CEO at Montedison at the end of 1978, when he became President of the STANDA. In this capacity, he becomes President of the Large Retailers Federation (FAID). In April, 1985, after achieving important results at the STANDA, he leaves the company and the Montedison Group and he is appointed Commissioner of the Industrial Group Fabbri – under special administration – by the Minister of Industry. In November 1986 he is appointed, by the latter, President and CEO of REL, financial public corporation in the sector of consumer electronics. He leaves this charge in May, 1989. In July, 1978, he is appointed President of the Finsider, IRI financial corporation acting in the steel industry and, in May, 1988, following the Finsider clearance, he is appointed as President of ILVA, a company expected to implement the most efficient industrial activities in the state-owned steel industry sector. In January, 1988, he becomes President of the ASSIDER, National Association of Steel Industries, that at the end of the same year merges with ISA and USI – an Association gathering minor companies in the sector – giving birth to FEDERACCIAI, the only Italian steel industry representative body existing so far. He leaves the presidency of ILVA and FEDERACCIAI on May, 1991, after being appointed as Operative Vice-President at IRITECNA S.p.A., IRI head company in the sector of industrial plant engineering and the territory. In August, 1992, he is appointed President of IRITECNA S.p.A., leaving this capacity in January, 1993. In the next years he works as business advisor for the main Italian industrial and financial companies and, in June 1996, he becomes President and CEO of the VIANINI LAVORI S.p.A., one of the most important Italian companies operating in the sector of public works, and part of the Caltagirone Group (constructions, concrete, publishing) listed on the stock exchange. At the end of his three-year mandate in VIANINI LAVORI, in July, 1999, the Italian General Contractors appointed him as President and Secretary-General of the AGI, trade association, that recently ran out of business. In July 2001, the Minister of Productive Activities (today MISE) appointed him as Special Commissioner of the SCALA S.p.A. (a company operating in the tissue and cleansing sectors) in special administration, a charge he left in March, 2007. From July 2004 to June 2007 he was President of the Executive Board of the Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia publishers, newspaper of the Caltagirone Group. From April 2004 to November 2014 he was Member of the Board of Executives of the ASTALDI SPA, the second major Italian company for public works, listed on the stock exchange as “Star”. Of the same company he held a role as President of the Control and Risk Assessment Committe from 2004 to 2013. In November 2011 he was appointed President of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation in Roma, cultural institution existing from more than 50 years and whose mission includes studies and researches in politics and economics, and that includes prestigious founding members such as Bank of Italy, Generali, Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, Chamber of Commerce of Rome, BNL, Dexia-Crediop, Fondo F2i. He is Honorary President of the Foundation since January 2016.