Jacopo D’Andreamatteo

Corporate lawyer.

He was born in Pescara on September 2nd, 1985. After his high school Classical studies, he starts his university studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Teramo and he achieves his Masters’ Degree in Law at the University LUM “Jean Monnet” in Bari, discussing a thesis in civil law procedure. After his graduation, he works as a trainee in a well-known law firm established in Pescara, deepening his knowledge of Criminal Law. Since 2016 he is a financial advisor authorized to carry out door-to-door selling. Currently, he is a corporate lawyer in the internal legal office of an Italian corporate group. Since his young age he engages in charity: he is donor in F.I.D.A.S., and he is committed to the Associations sector, where he previously actively joined the Italian Mazzini Association, attending a local branch. Among his many passions, he always carried out writing, and he collaborated with various online journals – also dealing with football and environment. He holds his own section in Imapaginato.it. He writes for Einaud blog, the blog of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation. He is particularly interested in human rights and criminal justice. He proudly claims his non-membership to politcal parties.