Dario Valmori

Dario Valmori was born in Augusta (SR) in 1974 and graduated in Law from the University of Catania.

During his university career he met Professor Pietro Barcellona, Professor Emeritus at the University of Catania and became passionate about the study of the Philosophy of Law, concluding his studies with an experimental thesis which addressed the themes of populism and democracy in the era post-ideological and transnational and the consequent crisis of the role of the state.

Already during the University he worked as a collaborator in a law firm in the city of Syracuse, where over the years he had the opportunity to follow important judicial cases such as the Costa Concordia disaster, acquiring experience both in the field of criminal law, with particular reference to medical liability and public administration crimes, both in various sectors of civil law, examining in particular the matter of inheritance law.

He is the owner, in Augusta, of his own professional firm with a proven staff of collaborators and deals primarily with inheritance law, while at the same time carrying out consultancy and assistance activities in various sectors of law in favor of natural persons as well as as a fiduciary. of companies and entities.

He cultivates a passion for 20th century art, architecture and design.

He is part of various professional associations, is a Rotarian and promoted and founded AFM, the first association of lawyers in Augusta, in which he held the role of Secretary for several years and is now a member of the Board of Directors.