Which Liberalism

There can be several meanings for the term “Liberalism”, according to its different historical, cultural and national traditions.

The Luigi Einaudi Foundation for Political and Economic studies envisages as its landmark the Manifesto approved by the Liberal International (an organism gathering all the parties embodying secular and liberal ideologies) in its congress held in 1947, right after World War II.  Indeed, this document serves as a common ground for all liberal activists.

In 1997, fifty years after the first edition, the Liberal International developed a new Manifesto, bringing up to date all the new issues Liberalism shall deal with, and deriving from recent political, economic and social transformations.

The Luigi Einaudi Foundation has offered its contribution in drafting the new Manifesto, producing several written works on topics that are part of the wider-ranging material provided by the Liberal International in order to draft the final wording.