The Foundation

The Luigi Einaudi Foundation is a think tank promoting liberal ideas and liberal political thought. It was founded in 1962 by Mr. Giovanni Malagodi (secretary of the Italian Liberal Party, former president of the Italian Senate and of Liberal International)



The Luigi Einaudi Foundation engages in guaranteeing to every citizen the conditions to grow as a human being and for living in wealth, relating to others and thrive in peace. All this, through the recognition of diversity, the safeguard of human liberties and freedoms, as well as through the promotion of constructive discussions on facts and ideas.



The Foundation promotes liberalism as an instrument to elaborate original responses to the complexity of the current issues related to globalization and to the progressively increasing technological evolution, with the goal of fostering individual liberties and economic prosperity.


Areas of interest

  • The economy in the age of globalization/communication/information
  • State and Public Administration, with a focus on Public Instruction for youngsters and their formation over time
  • Justice and civil rights
  • Energy policy and environmental sustainability
  • Innovation and Digital Marketing policies
  • Collection, management and enhancement of the liberal cultural heritage
  • Enhancement and actualization of Luigi Einaudi’s thought, as well as of other liberal classic works
  • School of liberalism



  • Analysis, research and studies
  • Book presentations
  • Seminars, workshops and conferences
  • School of liberalism
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Political debate
  • Einaudi’s lectures.

President’s Giuseppe Benedetto Settlement speech, 3rd February 2016

This speech pretend to give a response and formulate proposals using a liberal approach in relation to the complex and articulated issues with which the globalized society challenges today citizens and States.

The State, in a liberal vision of society, is not and cannot be the problem. The state that regulates conflicts and overcomes imbalances is the liberal State. It ceases to be so when it becomes intrusive and omnipresent, when it transforms and evolves into an oppressor as a tax collector.

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