The Abraham Accords: Sharing the Abraham Vision with Europe

The Abraham Accords: Sharing the Abraham Vision with Europe

The Luigi Einaudi Foundation has hosted two international online conferences on Europe and the Abraham Accords (AA), that saw the participation of government officials, diplomats, and Middle East experts from the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Israel, Europe and the United States. These consultations have assessed the historic Abraham Accords’ significance across several fields, including national security, technology, economics, and scientific and cultural collaboration for the Middle East and European countries. The results have outshined even our optimistic expectations, including collaborative assessment, creative follow up ideas, and diplomatic relationship building.

While our world is moving faster, digital, and sustainable, the achievements of the Abraham Accords may indicate a path for extending Europe’s dialogue with new partners, inspiring Member States’ cohesive foreign policy initiatives. Examples such as that of the Accords should remind us that dialogue between peoples is the basis of today’s European Union, of the past, of the future.


“Sharing the Abraham Vision with Europe” is the new online webinar taking place on Tuesday, June 15st, at 5 p.m. CET, on Zoom platform.

All those who are willing to attend the event will have to subscribe to the platform Eventbrite via the following link:

On Tuesday, June 15st, 2021, at 2 p.m. (three hours before the start of the event) the participants will receive via email the link to join the Zoom meeting, in order to attend the debate.

The Conference will focus on two main topics. First, a highlight will be put on issues concerning Energy, Water and Regional Security. Second, the Emerging Challenges in Space and ICT.

The event will be coordinated by  and Hon. Fiamma Nirenstein. Introductory remarks will be delivered by Avv. Marco Mariani, Luigi Einaudi Foundation and ELF

The Conference will be held in English and Italian, and the Luigi Einaudi Foundation will be in charge of providing simultaneous translation in two languages (Italian and English).

A brief Q&A session will follow each panel.

The event will be broadcast live on the main social networks of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation.