Pierluigi Barrotta

Pierluigi Barrotta (b. 1958) is currently a Professor of Philosophy of Science, Chair “Galileo Galilei”, of the University of Pisa. He is the author of six books, curator of eleven volumes, and has published over 40 essays in Italian and foreign magazines.

His academic interests range from the philosophy of economics and environmental sciences to the theories of scientific rationality and the relationships between science and morality. His latest book on “Science and democracy” will be published soon.

2014- currently: Chairman of the Council for the Course of Philosophy, Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge, University of Pisa. 2012-2014: Scientific Coordinator of the library pole of the humanities area of ​​the University of Pisa.

2011-present: co-director with Giuseppe O. Longo and Massimo Negrotti of the series of epistemological studies “The Notebooks of the Francesco Barone Association”, published by Armando.

2009-present: he is co-director with Tiziano Raffaelli and Sergio Bartolommei of the series “Philosophy and ecology”, published by the Felici di Pisa publishing house. Directs with prof. Caetano Claudinei (Universiade de Cuiabá, Brazil), the online magazine “A Revista Physis”, dedicated to the philosophy of the environment.

2008-present: member of the board of the Banco di Lucca and the Tyrrhenian.

2006-present: Professor in Philosophy of Science, holder of the chair “Galileo Galilei” of the University of Pisa.

2006-present: collaborates and enters the Editorial Committee of the Libro Aperto magazine.

2004-2012: collaborates with the newspapers “La Nazione”, “Il Resto del Carlino” and the “Giorno”, where he writes for the pages of foreign policy, economy and culture.

2004-2008: Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in London, appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1998-2005: President of the Dino Terra Foundation of the Municipality of Lucca.

1990: obtained the title of PhD in Philosophy of Science, presenting a dissertation on the epistemology and method of economics. The thesis will subsequently be published. He wins the competition for Technician-graduate at the University of Pisa.

In 1989, he is admitted to the M.Phil. in economics from the University of Cambridge, where he obtained the title with full marks. In 1988, he is admitted to the M.Sc. in economics from the London School of economics

1984-1988: National Secretary of the Italian Liberal Youth.

1984: won a scholarship at the L. Einaudi Foundation in Rome.