Ines Pisano

After passing the 300-place national examination for access to the ordinary judiciary, ranking 8th on the ranking, she was appointed as ordinary magistrate with D.P.R. in 1997 and held the position of Deputy at the Public Prosecutor’s Offices of the Republic of Lucca and Rome.

Since September 2003, she has been an administrative magistrate and currently serves at the Lazio-Rome TAR with the title of Director. She is currently Scientific Director of the II Level University Master’s Degree in Jurisdictional Protection in Public Law Disputes- “La Sapienza” University of Rome – and a member of the Board of the National Administrative Magistrates Association (ANMA).

By decree of the Minister of the Environment n.144 / 2018, she was appointed as a Commission Commissioner A.I.A (Integrated Environmental Authorization). In consideration of the specific skills acquired in the field of electronic processing, she participated in the “Judicial Reform and Modernization” project, as part of the International Visitors Leadership Program (1-20 February 2016), at the invitation of the US Government in the USA. In March 2016, she was appointed a member of the Advisory Steering Committee of the Amerigo Association (association of exchange projects sponsored by the Department of State ITALY- USA).

As a delegate of the Administrative Justice Secretariat (Council of State and TT.AA.RR.), she has participated in the permanent table for the implementation of the online civil trial set up at the Ministry of Justice (note prot.183 dated 29 April 2014). She was also a member of the Work Table set up at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for the elaboration of the implementing regulation of the telematic administrative process.

For many years, she has participated (free of charge) as a regular guest, in television broadcasts on the national Rai 1 network (“Storie Italiane”, “La Vita in diretta”) in spaces dedicated to issues of social interest.