Emanuele Raco

Born in Reggio Calabria in 1972, he was appointed Press Office Manager for the Einaudi Foundation on 17th April, 2019. Graduated at the University of Messina in Political Science with a dissertation on the greatest Italian journalist ever, Indro Montanelli, edited with his very authorization and cooperation.


He started cooperating with the Contemporary History and Parties’ and Political Movements’ History tenures in the Political Science department at the University of Messina before taking care of Nuccio Fava’s political campaign in 2000, one of the candidates for the Governor’s office in Calabria in addition to being his spin doctor until 2005.


In the meantime, he takes part to and becomes Press Manager of the so-called “Progetto Calabrie,” a movement made of professors and led by the deans of the University of Cosenza and Reggio Calabria established with the goal of providing a new opportunity to the people of Calabria with a new leadership.


He was Alessandro Bianchi’s spokesperson from 2006 to 2008, Minister for Transport during the second Prodi mandate. He cooperated with Italia dei Valori’s press office from 2009 to 2010, looking after Luigi de Magistris’ political campaign for the European Parliament elections. He was appointed spokesperson for the leader of the Gruppo per il Terzo Polo (Group for the Third Pole) in the Senate, Francesco Rutelli. He joined Italia Futura (Future Italy) in 2012, a think tank founded by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo who launched the “Towards the Third Republic” manifesto thanks to which he also joined Mario Monti’s newly established political party, Scelta Civica (Civic Choice). He followed the then Prime Minister, Mario Monti, for the 2013 political campaign for the Parliamentary elections on 24th February in the same year. He took care of the communication for the party-related group in the Senate before being appointed Press Manager for the Scelta Civica (Civic Choice) party itself until the 2018 Parliamentary elections. In addition, he was Enrico Zanetti’s spokesperson, Vice Minister for Economics during the Renzi government and spokesperson of the Forza Italia group at the Senate of the Italian Republic from March until November 2018.


He was also responsible for Uirnet’s institutional relations, the implementing body of the Ministry for Infrastructures and Transports for the implementation and management of the Piattaforma Logistica Nazionale Digitale (National Digital Logistic Platform).


He edited Politica e giornalismo (Politics and Journalism) in 2002 published by Gangemi Editore and Calabria da amare (Calabria to Love) published by Città del Sole Edizioni in 2003, both in cooperation with Nuccio Fava. He is the Director of the “ilcaffeonline” periodical and also likes to call himself a farmer, pursuing his own family’s centuries-old tradition of extra-virgin olive oil production which dates back to 1852.