“Freedom and Beauty”, Vittorio Sgarbi’s lectio magistralis

“Freedom and Beauty”, Vittorio Sgarbi’s lectio magistralis

“Replacing ideology with culture is the only foreseeable way for a better political system”. This is what Vittorio Sgarbi recommended during the Open Day at the LEF School of Liberalism. “We are witnessing to the destruction of our cities’ physiognomy”, said Sgarbi in front of the crowd.

“Beauty, unfortunately, is a legacy of the past. It seems like the modern times’ urbanization goal is to build only ugly buildings. We have to get back – added Sgarbi – to the Renaissance, when the patronal power left the artist full freedom of initiative, where the sole bond was to realize “something beautiful”. What a lot of people calls “art of the regime” is actually “art of the State”, preserving characteristics and feeling of current times.






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