Giancarlo Lunati

He graduated in phylosophy at the University of Pavia, completing his education in History and Economics at the Institute for Historical Studies in Naples, at the Scuola Normale of Pisa and at the MIT in Boston. In 1955 he started working at the Olivetti company, as Head of Human Resources, later being appointed as member of the Board of Directors (1980-1982); L. described his professional and human experience with Adriano Olivetti in his autobiographical book “With Adriano Olivetti during the 1957 elections” (1985). In the following years, L. held several other important positions: President of Bastogu Systems S.p.A., CEO of Il Sole 24 Ore S.p.A. (1982-1989, an experience he described in his book “Seven years under the Sun”, 1994), board member at the Lombardy Provincial Bank, Vice-President and CEO of Rusconi editors (1989-1991), special manager at ENIT (1993-2000), President of INSUD, a financial company in the touristic sector, subsidiary of the Minister of the Treasure (1997-2000), and President of the Italian Touring Club (1992-2001), as well as Honorary President of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation.