Francesca Zanoni

Born in Germany in December 1969, she spent her first 15 years in Frankfurt and moved to the US where her father was serving as a diplomat.  She completed high school in the US and attended UC Berkeley.  When her father was transferred to Rome, she transferred to the University of Padua where she graduated with a degree in Economics.  She started working in Milan at Shandwick for big international clients such as British Airways, Philip Morris, and Europcar.

In 1994, McDonald’s, one of her clients at Shandwick, hired her to manage crisis management and acquisitions.  A couple of years later, she moved to Rome to join Bvlgari where she oversaw the company’s public listing from a communications perspective.  She was assigned several new initiatives within the communication department.  She headed Bvlgari’s External Relations office, working out of their Rome headquarters as Senior Director in charge of their international press offices for all product categories, charity projects, celebrity endorsements, and the Bvlgari Hotel and Resorts project.

In 2006, she moved on to several consulting positions with Valentino, Brunswick, and Obica.  Her position with the luxury fashion brand Valentino came during a time of a lot of change within the company.   She managed the corporate communications of the departure of Mr. Valentino Garavani, the changes that arose with an investment fund taking over, and resolved various crisis management issues involving new designers taking over the creative and design aspects of the brand.  She  worked with the London based agency, Brunswick, on a major contemporary art show which was a part of the Venice Biennale.  Her position at Brunswick was a natural fit since she was an art collector and well versed within the art world.  Obica, the successful franchised restaurant concept,  was owned and launched by a Bvlgari board member.  She served as a strategic consultant to help implement their communications plan.

In 2009, she was offered to take part in a start up project that was owned by Paolo and Giovanni Bulgari and also served as a board member.  This new endeavour was based on their acquisition of an estate in the southern part of Tuscany.  They began to grow vines and have now produced three red wines and one white wine.  Ten years into the project, the established company, Podernuovo a Palazzone, obtained outstanding results.  They have a global distribution network and from a financial perspective, they have broke even within the highly competitive and very saturated wine market.

She was also a board member to “Tsum”, a department store based in Kiev, Ukraine.  Her role at Tsum incorporates her experiences and expertise  as a board member of both start up companies and companies that provide luxury goods and services.  She was to overseeing specific projects such as establishing a commercial network, forming a strategic communication plan, and overseeing the production in order to identify both big and special clients.  The 360 degree approach helped help bring all initiatives together in order to turn it into a successful business, unfortunately until the war struck.

During the COVID pandemic she started working on her own family estate close to Rome, already a working olive oil farm producing high end olive oil for all Bvlgari Hotels in the world and other prestigious clients, establishing and developing the hospitality project that for the past years has been booked solid from spring throughout the autumn.

She is married, with a seventeen year old son and lives in Rome, Italy.