Author: Fondazione Luigi Einaudi

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Commemoration of the young liberal Giuliano Gennaio departed before his time on April 20th, 2008. Where: Fondazione Einaudi, Roma When: April 19 [...]
[:it]Commemorazione Valerio Zanone del 7 aprile 2016[:] [...]
“Training for the future” by Pietro Paganini e Stefano Cianciotta book presentation Where: Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Roma When: march 23rd, 2016 [...]
It rarely happens that a book presentation ends up in such an interesting and heated debate, the audience siding with one or the other contender. This [...]
This speech pretend to give a response and formulate proposals using a liberal approach in relation to the complex and articulated issues with which t [...]
1 21 22 23226 / 226 POSTS