#FLEatHome Live with Professor Andrea Crisanti

#FLEatHome Live with Professor Andrea Crisanti

#tostartagain we need awareness, first of all.

Professor Andrea Crisanti can help us understand the current health emergency in Italy.
At #FLEatHome hosts the Professor of Microbiology and Virology at the University of Padua, who recently managed and extinguished the outbreak in the city of Vo Euganeo.

As Professor said: “The Vo model is not perfectly replicable throughout Italy. Surely not all Italians can be swabbed, but you can, on a national scale […] swab to identify clusters and prevent them from spreading the epidemic”.

Therefore, starting from the experience gained in Veneto, Prof. Crisanti provides a “recipe” for the whole country also answering questions about the correct use of protective masks and about vaccine.