Mediterranean: prospects of development, security and innovation

Mediterranean: prospects of development, security and innovation

The Mediterranean is the sea that grabs several lands. Indeed, the meaning of its name, namely the median point, invokes a place characterized by the sharing of languages, cultures, goods; ideas. This place preserves a millennial heritage of values and traditions, so the well known Mare Nostrum.

The Mediterranean sea has always been a geopolitical pivot point, in fact it has been essential for the development of Italy and Europe. It was an indispensable route for the transit of people and goods. Nowadays, the Mediterranean route has spread its perimeter and includes the Middle East, Persian Gulf and the Balkans.

Although the above mentioned expansion allows the Mediterranean area to be an essential point for a discussion in the international & European affairs and policies, the enlargement of the Mediterranean route represents a challenge with positive aspects but also with various threats. De facto, the more the Mediterranean increases its perimeter, the more it could be affected by divisions and fights, which may also bring to instability of the Continent and the entire world.

For these reasons the Mediterranean has a strategic importance that has to be further analyzed and studied, in particular with regard to culture, dialogue and cooperation.

To treats the challenges of the Mediterranean, the Luigi Einaudi Foundation organizes the conference  titled  “The strategic importance of Mediterranean: developments; security and innovations“.

Development and innovation in the Mediterranean route can start from Sicily Region and its capital – Palermo – by reason of its geopolitical and cultural importance.


Speakers and Panelists

Institutional Greetings

Mr. Giuseppe Benedetto, President of Luigi Einaudi Foundation

Mr. Raffaele Bonsignore, President of Sicilia Foundation

Prof. Gaetano Armao, Sicily Region Deputy President

Mr. Gianfranco Miccichè, Sicily Region – Regional Assembly President


Mr. Andrea Pruiti Ciarello, Luigi Einaudi Foundation Member of the Board

I PANEL  – THE MEDITERRANEAN: the strategic importance of the sea and its lands.

Hassan Abouyoub, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Italy

Moez Sinaoui, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Italy

Abdallah Baali,  Ambassador and Adviser to the Minister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Senen Florensa, Ambassador and President of the Executive Committee of the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed)

Mr. Pierpaolo Abet, Director of Mediterranean Forum of Rome

Moderator: Prof. Valerio De Luca PhD., Director of International Relations Department of Luigi Einaudi Foundation

II PANEL – SECURITY COOPERATION:  necessity to conduct security cooperation for the citizens cohesion

Prof. Giancarlo Elia Valori, Professor of geopolitics at LUMSA University and the Beijing University, Chair of La Centrale Finanziaria

Prof. Michel Korinman, Professor of Geopolitics at the Sorbonne

Mr. Michele Groppi, PhD.,Teaching Fellow at the Defence Studies Department, King’s College London

Prof. Bartolomeo Romano, Professore Professor of Criminal Law, University of Palermo

Mr. Andrea Rigoni, Cyber Security Services – Deloitte

Moderator:  Paolo Quercia, Professor of strategic studies University of Perugia and Chair of Center for Near Abroad Strategic – CeNASS

III PANEL – INNOVATIONS FOR DEVELOPMENT: climate, blue & green economy; energy, digital economy

I focus: policies

Prof. Gaetano Armao, Deputy President Sicily Region

Mr. Alessandro Grandinetti, Italy Clients & Markets Leader EMEA Oil & Gas Leader, PWC

Francesco Calanna, Member of Sicily Regional Parliament

II focus: enterprises and territories

Mr. Riccardo Di Stefano, National Deputy President of Giovani Confindustria

Prof. Alessandro Leto, Chair of Water Academy SRD

Ms. Giulia Giuffrè,  Marketing Manager of Irritec Group

Mr. Mourad Fradi, President Italian Chamber of Commerce in Tunisi

Dott. Abdallah Ayari, Secretary General of labor Foundation in Tunisia

Mr. Luigi Valenti, Chair of Connect Tunisia

Moderator: Mr. Sergio Boccadutri, Director General of Luigi Einaudi Foundation

Conclusion: Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, Italian diplomat – former Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chief of International Affairs Department at Luigi Einaudi Foundation