Pippo Rao

PIPPO RAO was born in Messina and graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature. He was a professor of French Language and Literature and, for over thirty years, a school manager in middle schools and high schools.

Registered by the P.L.I. when he was very young, he became the provincial secretary of the Italian Liberal Youth of Messina. He also was National Councilor, Member of the P.L.I. National School Commission and Vice-President P.L.I. of Brescia where he lived from 1966 to 1980.

He became a Member of the national administration P.L.I. (1986/1994) and national manager P.L.I. for social policies (1992/1994).

He has been Municipal Councilor of Messina from 1990 to 2003;

Councilor for the Municipality of Messina at the City Hygiene (1992/1993), urban planning (1993/1994) and at the Restoration (2008/2011);

As a Member of the National Executive of the Federation of Italian Liberals (1994/1998,) he was subsequently commissioner of Forza Italia for the city of Messina (2006/2009).