Elena Vigliano

Degree in Economics and Business, Accountant, Expert in Business and Labor Evaluation., Court of Rome Advisor in : Company, Accounting and Budgets, Social Security, Labor Budgets, Labor litigations.
After graduating with honors in Economics at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, shewashiredbytheoilcompany ExxonMobil/EssoItaliana,withresponsibilityfor the “Financial Reporting” Department.

Afterwards, following her natural inclination to autonomy , she decided to undertake the freelance career by starting his own firm in the field of consultancy to companies in the fiscal, tax, corporate and labor sectors.
The passion for the world of business and labor and her Anglo-Saxon education, acquired through training in English and American schools of various African countries of South Africa, inspired by meritocracy, competition and the free market, have it approached the Italian liberal political world.

She has been promoter and founding member of several liberal associations with the aim of making Italy a more liberal nation both in the economic and political fields, a place where it is easy to start a business in compliance with fiscal and bureaucratic, clear, sustainable and stable rules, and in which the citizen is guaranteed in his fundamental rights, private property, legal certainty and personal security.