Lorena Luisa Villa


Graduated with honours in Foreign Languages and Literature, experimental faculty with Economics at the University of Bergamo.

Afterwards she attended several courses on marketing strategy, sales and promotion of commercial brands.
Finally, she attended also an entrepreneurship course in the furniture and design sector at SDA Bocconi.

During the post-university years she has cultivated interests in the social and voluntary sectors, actively working for some years with the WWF

Professionally, she has developed, as an entrepreneur, the transition from a local business to a wider international one, anticipating the need that has now become indispensable for opening up to the global market.

Business Experiences:

Business strategy
Strategic planning (development strategies of commercial companies)
Marketing and communication
Web strategy
International relations
Innovative and collaborative management of commercial activities, sales networks and business networks.
Change Management

Great reader of classical and modern writers, with particular regard to linguistic, economic and political issues


Political experiences:

Her experience in Fare per fermare il declino begins in 2013 at the Vimercate Committee (MB), from which she starts her candidacy for the National Assembly where she has been elected for two consecutive years with the highest number of votes in Italy.

At the same time she was involved in the management of the Lombard territory called Alpi2, that she has represented for a year.

During 2013/14 together with Dr. Laura Abba of the CNR, she has formed and followed the Giovani per Fare group, widely considered one of the most valuable asset of the party.

She has been active in Alde Party IM, in which she has served as Regional Coordinator together with Lorenzo Lipparini throughout 2016.

In 2017 she attended the Milan School of Liberalism

Since 2018, she is part of the Board of Directors of VIA ITALIA, an association of mayors, councilors, entrepreneurs, workers, people of all ages who, in various ways and in various aspects, feel the duty and responsibility to ask themselves available for our country and future generations, for a better Italy.