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#FLEatHome hosts the Hon. Deborah Bergamini for a live, once again focused on topics of great interest. "The Chinese Dragon: Are we partners or sub [...]
#FLEatHome hosts the writer Nadia Terranova, who gives us a wonderful hour of literary culture, reflection and introspection. The chosen theme: "Escap [...]
Alessandro De Nicola, distinguished economist, member of the FLE Scientific Committee and president of the Adam Smith Society will speak about the sit [...]
"What does it mean to put the human being back at the center?" is the question to which he offers a live web video answer at #FLEatHome, with Andrea P [...]
#FLEatHome returns to give voice to the political leaders of the main Italian parties. Today with the live web presence of Antonio Tajani, illustra [...]
#tostartagain we need awareness, first of all. Professor Andrea Crisanti can help us understand the current health emergency in Italy. At #FLEatHo [...]
Today #FLEatHome interview with the Mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori. Seen the dramatic health emergency in one of the provinces most affected by the [...]
#FLEatHome today turns its eyes inside Italian prisons to investigate the current situation of the prisoners in reference to the coronavirus emergency [...]
The Italian former Prime Minister addresses the current theme of how to start over after the coronavirus pandemic.     https://www. [...]
  Our vice-President, the journalist Davide Giacalone addresses ideas on how to sustain the economy of work after the CoVid-19 outbreak. &n [...]
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